Why Are Science and Technology-Related Picture Books So Important?

We all know that picture books are important. But have you ever sat down and thought about *why* they are important, and how they help our children develop? In particular, have you ever thought about how picture books showing girls as the main characters in STEM related books might be beneficial for the next generation of girls and women in STEM? (Note: STEM = science, technology, engineering, and math.)  

We publish picture books that show girls as the main characters in STEM-related stories. Our reasons for this are simple: 


  1. We believe STEM provides a wonderful backdrop for all kinds of imaginative picture book stories
  2. We believe we can use our picture books to help change the image of what a person who loves science looks like.

The number of picture books made each year with STEM themes that are unrelated to blockbuster movie and comic book titles is small. The number of picture books of any type that have both STEM themes and girls as the lead characters is *even smaller*. 

We believe books help show children who they can become. We want the little girls and boys who enjoy our books to self-identify as kids who like science and math, so they'll keep STEM-related careers in their minds in the future. We believe this is one way to help young girls and boys see that STEM is for everyone. 

This is why we exist. Thanks for coming to our shop and thank you for supporting our efforts!



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