Praise for "Serena Sees Her Footprints on the Moon" From Our Readers

Praise for "Serena" From Adults, Parents, and Teachers

  • "This is a beautiful story full of imagination and inspiration. I love the idea of Serena, and other girls, growing up knowing that they can leave their footprints anywhere they can imagine." - Kate O.

  • "Excellent story! I loved how facts were weaved into the story.  My favorite line, 'Her footprints are next to pieces of the rockets that landed the astronauts there and pieces of the rockets that launched them back home.' - Allison V.

  • "This story is really cool! I can see Serena's excitement about her footprints on the especially through your use of repetition. The simplicity of the facts translates well and paints very vivid pictures. I didn't have to think very hard to see her on the moon and exploring and making these discoveries. Short and sweet and to the point, I can definitely see this being part of circle time in and Pre-K and kindergarten classrooms." - Keith M.

  • "As a teacher I would use a book like this to show young students that they can leave their mark on the world.  Love the cover art!" - Maureen A.

Praise for "Serena" From Our Littlest Readers

  • "It's truly an amazing story. The story is kind of saying that you can go anywhere if you put your mind to it. It's cool to think that a girl as young as Serena could go to the moon." - Clare B., age 10

  • "I like that she is on the moon. It is cool and I want to put my footprints on the moon. Did she take her own rocket ship? How did she learn to fly it? I want her to go to other planets in space." - Moneisha L., age 7

  • "I think this would make a great story for younger girls. I like how it not only inspires girls to reach for the things they didn’t know possible, but also tells them a lot bit about what the moon is like. This is definitely a great way to get get girls interested in STEM fields from a young age. And I like the cover art :) " - Alli B., age 16

  • "It sounds like a poem!  I would love to read this book and see the pictures when they are done." - Elizabeth E., age 6.

  • "I like the book because I want to go to the Moon and I hope I can go. I bet it will be fun." - Jane B., age 6.

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